Getting Started

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Responsio+ is our latest release the 3rd Generation WHMCS portal template. After generations of revolution, now it is not only simply a template has fancy-looking interfaces, but a complete theming and integration solution with tons of value-added features for any WHMCS powered system.

In this guide, you can learn how to setup the Responsio+ template and get it working seamlessly with your WHMCS system. You also can found how that easy you can integrate your favourite theme with Responsio+ in minutes.

System Requirements

The Responsio+ template can work on most current web servers with WHMCS installed. Basically it requires no different than the WHMCS system. You can found the updated requirements from

Download Your Template

The template package is available for download instantly once your order is activated. You can download the latest release package for new installation from the download page or find all associated downloads by login to your account from our Client Area.

Install Responsio+

The installation is very simple if you know how to upload files by operate any ftp client. In mostly case, you can get it done in minutes by follow below instructions with no system downtime caused. The most important step before installing it is making sure you have a complete and valid backup of your files and database.

  1. Extract the downloaded template package on your computer.
  2. Upload all extracted files and folders into the directory where your WHMCS system installed.
  3. Activate the associated add-on by login to the WHMCS Admin Area > Setup > Addon Modules > Responsio+
  4. Click the button Configure, enter the license key and choose the admin role groups to permit access to the addon then save changes. Your system will verify the license key instantly. If you are upgrading from Responsio version 2.x, then you may have to reissue the license in order to get that reactivated for the new template. You can found your license key from our sent welcome email for product activation or manage the license by login to your account from our Client Area.
  5. The installation now is complete. You can go through below Post-Installation section to begin configure the template to match your unique needs before post the new template to public.


Set Default Template

Responsio+ come with a powerful template options panel offers you the easiest way to customize over hundred template options without hard-code your template files. However, don’t be afraid of that so many configurable options. All options are well organized and you can get your template working just fine even with the default settings in mostly case.

Once the template is installed, you can access the Template Options Panel by login to the WHMCS Admin Area > Addons > Responsio+.

You also can found a preview link in the Template Options Panel that allow you can visit your new installed template before set it as the default template. So you can take your time to customize your new template. If you are satisfied and ready to launch the new template to public, then you can activate Responsio+ as the Default System Template and Default Order Form Template by clicking the Set Default Template button in just one step.

In case you missed it, one-time free installation is included with the initial purchase of template. Also 12 months of support and updates subscription. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like to claim the free installation or any assistance on setup your new template by open a ticket on our helpdesk.