Perform an Upgrade

100% Reset

Keeping your template always up-to-date with the latest release update is highly recommended. Perform an upgarde may takes you a few minutes but your system can be benefited by the most recent bug-fixes and improvements. You can perform the upgrade with no downtime caused by follow below instructions.

In order to download the latest updates and the associated items for your template, the support and updates subscription of the license needs to be active.

The most important step before attempting any kind of upgrade is making sure you have a complete and valid backup of your files and database. Meanwhile, please always refer to the release notes before perform an upgrade in case some updates may require additional instructions or specific version of software installed.

Upgrade From Version 3.x

Version Information

Your system will check for template updates once a week automatically as by the default setup. You can check the template version or adjust the check update frequency by access the Template Options Panel from the WHMCS Admin Area > Addons > Responsio+.

You will be prompted when you’re accessing the Template Options Panel if an update is available. You can download the update package from the enclosed download link or find a specific release package in the Products and Services section by login to your account from our Client Area.

  1. Extract the downloaded update package on your computer. If the template directories have been renamed on your system, be sure you do the same changes on templates/responsioplus and templates/orderforms/responsioplus in the new update package to get it matched to your renamed templates.
  2. Upload all updated files and folders into the directory where your WHMCS system installed and only replace the existing items.
  3. Access the Template Options Panel by login to the WHMCS Admin Area > Addons > Responsio+ to complete the upgrade process.
  4. Empty the template caches in templates_c