Version 3.0.6

100% Reset
  • Release Date : 28 June 2015
  • Release Purposes : General Update for Improvements and Bug fixes
  • Compatibility : WHMCS Version 5.3.10 – 5.3.14

Upgrade Notes

There are no other additional steps required for this update. You can download the incremental template update package from below link and perform the upgrade by follow the same usual instructions as below.

Incremental Update
Version 3.0.6

For Upgrade from Version 3.0.x

The Most Important Step :
WHMCS version 5.3.10 – 5.3.14 is required for this update. Please make sure you have the compatible softwares and template already installed. Perform a complete and valid backup before attempting any upgrade is necessary and always recommended.

  1. Extract the downloaded template update package on your computer. If you renamed the template on your system, be sure you do the same changes on templates/responsioplus and templates/orderforms/responsioplus in the new update package to get them matched to your renamed template.
  2. Upload all updated files and folders into the directory where your WHMCS system installed and only replace the existing items.
  3. Access the Template Options Panel by login to the WHMCS Admin Area > Addons > Responsio+ to complete the upgrade process.
  4. Empty the template caches in templates_c

New Language Strings

The following new language strings may need to be added into the your language files in modules/addons/responsio/lang/ if you manage your own translations :

# Since Version 3.0.5
$_ADDONLANG['reset'] = "Reset";
$_ADDONLANG['domainlookupplaceholder'] = "e.g. domain";

Template Changes

The following template files have been changed since version 3.0.5 :

  • templates/responsioplus/clientareahome.tpl
  • templates/responsioplus/clientareainvoices.tpl
  • templates/responsioplus/creditcard.tpl
  • templates/responsioplus/inc/pageintro.tpl
  • templates/responsioplus/widgets/domainchecker.tpl
  • templates/responsioplus/widgets/sidebar.tpl
  • templates/responsioplus/widgets/statistics.tpl
  • templates/orderforms/responsioplus/adddomain.tpl
  • templates/orderforms/responsioplus/configureproductdomain.tpl
  • templates/orderforms/responsioplus/confviewcart.tpl


  • Update : Latest Bootstrap CSS framework version 3.3.5.
  • Update : Google Web Fonts library version 1.5.10.
  • Improve : Add support for RTL language.
  • Improve : Show TOS on checkout page.
  • Improve : Minor touch-ups for some UI elements.
  • Fix : Page refresh issue when adding new credit card.
  • Fix : Form redirect issue on mass payment.