Integrate with WordPress

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With the imSync add-on, setup WHMCS integration with any WordPress themes now is become so easy. In mostly case, what you have to do is simply fill up the correct URLs to tell WHMCS and WordPress where they can found each other, that’s it! The integration can be working seamlessly like a charm, even without modify any files.

imSync is an optional add-on for the Responsio+ template. That allow you can integrate Responsio+ with any third-party themes in the easiest way. If you don’t have the imSync add-on, you can make an order and associate it for your Responsio+ template from our Add-ons Section by login to your account.


Firstly, make sure the imSync add-on has been activated with the associated Responsio+ template. Except you are going to setup the integration with a WHMCS Ready WordPress Theme from us like the Emily Theme or the Isaac Theme.

The WHMCS and WordPress system can be installed on same server or different physical server separately. However, if systems are hosted with different hostname or domain name and any one of those system has been configured runs over https protocol, then the other system also need to be accessible over https too. Otherwise they can’t load files from each other in secure way over https protocol.

Originally, the WordPress site with Pretty Permalinks setup is recommended. That offers you the ability to create custom and friendly URLs structure for the pages on WordPress. You can setup the Pretty Permalinks from WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks, simply change the Common Settings to Post Name. Any custom Permalinks now is supported since Responsio+ version 3.0.5.

Setup Steps for WordPress

Integration Settings - WordPress
  1. Download the latest version of imSync Connector plugin from the download page.
  2. Login to WordPress as an administrator, install and activate the imSync Connector plugin just like all other WordPress plugin.
  3. Once the plugin activated, you can begin to configure the settings by access the WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Integration.
  4. Fill up License Key of Responsio by the same license key of your current activated Responsio+ template. You can found it from WHMCS Admin Area > Setup > Addon Modules > Responsio+
  5. Fill up WHMCS System URL and WHMCS SSL System URL by the exactly same URLs what you can found from WHMCS Admin Area > Setup > General Settings.
  6. You can leave all other settings as default then save changes

Setup Steps for WHMCS

Integration Settings - WHMCS
  1. Access the Template Options Panel by login as an administrator to the WHMCS Admin Area > Addons > Responsio+, then click on the tab Integration.
  2. Change the Integration Mode to imSync for Third-Party WordPress Theme. If you are going to setup the integration with a WHMCS Ready WordPress Theme, choose the other option Integrate with a WHMCS Ready WordPress Theme.
  3. Fill up WordPress Address and WordPress Site Address by the exactly same URLs what you can found from WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General.
  4. You can leave all other settings as default then save changes.

The setup for integration is now done. If the URLs are all set correctly, then you can found the WHMCS portal now is appearing with the exactly same theme shared from your WordPress site. Any changes you made on the WordPress theme includes the nav menus and widgets will be affected on the WHMCS portal immediately.